Second  Glance

​​​The Little Consignment Shop with a Big Presence

          Please allow me to introduce myself to you. My name is Paula Norton and I am the proud and happy owner at

Second Glance.

From a very young age it has been my dream to be a "STORE LADY". When I was only 3 years old I would go for walks with my Mom and collect popsicle sticks, chip bags, pop can lids and anything that I thought could be cleaned and organized in my room. I know it sounds really awful and dirty, but I would clean the garbage I found and set up my store with them. My mom would always throw them out, but I continued to collect items and play store. Nope, no toys for was all about playing store.

When I was 13, I babysat my brother and sister for the summer. One day I got a brilliant idea. I was going to have a huge sale using my Mother's collectables that she had stored in boxes in the basement. I remember thinking she would never miss them. For weeks I would go to the basement and price her collectables....... 5cents....10 cents.....maybe even 25 cents........(it was not about the money for me, it was about playing store). The day before the BIG SALE, I prepared hand written flyers and handed them out to all the neighbors.

On the day of the sale I was so excited. I could hardly wait. The sale went amazing. I sold all my Mother's blue mountain pottery, ceramic figurines, wooden her wooden  spoon and fork, fine china and much more. It was a great success...... Or so I thought. A few days later at dinner my Mom asked me if I would go to the basement and help her get her collectables out. I turned very pale and told her I had to go study.... LOL..... she said "Paula, it's summer. You do not have to study", Then she asked me why I sold her stuff. YIKES.... she found out.

It turns out that a few of the neighbours told her about the "BIG SALE". I told her she could have the money, but she didn't want the money. She wanted her collectables back. I told her I didn't want the money either, I just wanted to play store.

As the story ends, I have my store and I welcome all to come by and visit Second Glance. The store is a stress free, pressure free shopping experience. You can expect to find wonderful treasures and unique finds at exceptional prices.

Hope to meet you soon and share with you the joy of Second Glance.